Writing with aplomb!

Great stories incorporate great words and great sentences. Such greatness can be achieved by absolutely anyone. Writers simply need to scrutinise every word they use and assess its effect.  No effect? Delete and replace.


Keeping in mind the compulsory elimination of boring words and the need for a variety of sentence openers, choose three of the tips given to you in class and write a 60-80 word narrative style paragraph.   It can be about anything you want, either your assignment or your life.


16 responses

  1. I must stay.
    I must go.
    I stare at the paper in my trembling hands – a blurry image of a baby. I know what it means; my toto is sick. The news breaks my heart – a flame erupts in my chest and burns in my blood. My toto – my only child…
    No, I am wrong; I have a child here. Regina. I cannot leave her in this place, alone.
    “Regina…” I whisper her name, and I am filled with a desperate confusion. “My toto,” I wail.

  2. It was nothing I had ever seen before. The sky was ignited by a thousand different hues as the constellations dances their celestial waltz. It was as if the very fabric of reality had torn and revealed a vibrant dimension beyond my wildest comprehension. My cheeks grew weightless in time and rose as the multi-coloured heaven shone with an otherworldly radiance; not all the diamonds in the world could match this spectacle.

  3. Finn swiftly maneuvered himself through the crowd full of busy ant-like people. His head flicked around searching for Jack. Steam arose from the hard, filthy ground as the suns blaze attacked it. He stood, frozen, as he saw his brother fumble into a stand of juicy, ripe oranges. It was as if time stood still, but only for a moment. Behind Jack, Finn could see Caspar and his men franticly waving machetes. Their eyes now fixated on Jack. Their lanky legs lurched forward and over the beggars sprawled across the ground as their pace quickened. Finn’s hands ached as his nails drew into the palms of his sweat filled hands. He had no choice but to return.

  4. Brittany’s glossed lips grazed the Lima Bean cup and she took a sip of the coffee she’d just ordered. Startled, she quickly put the boiling cup down on the table, clutching her burned throat. Taking a seat next to Kurt, decked out in freshly bought designer doc martens, she cleared her throat and cupped her hand lazily under her chin. Before Kurt had the chance to ask Brittany about her somber appearance, Blaine bounced through the cafe’s front entrance in his favourite pair of red chinos and matching black bow-tie, making a bee-line for their table. Kurt’s face immediately transformed, warmth swelling in his white smile, lifting his gloved hand to wave dramatically at the rapidly approaching, somewhat Eurasian-looking boy.

  5. The baboons shrieked in the trees as the branches violently swayed in the ferocious wind. Complimentary reds, blues and yellows lit up the primates faces against the cloudy grey of the rumbling sky. Their behaviour was wild, territorially guarding the trees as if they held the secret to life. Rain pouring from the sky marked the beginning of the monsoons. The dry, barren plains of earth would soon be alive with the new life the rain brought.

  6. The waves rolled in over the horizon with an elegant simplicity. Curling over one and other, spitting out white wash as they did so. Dave gazed upon the break with pure excitement. It had been a long time since the surf had been so good. Too long. Dave dashed down to the golden beach as fast as he could hoping to secure a some good waves before the crowds pilled in.

  7. The icy waters lapped eagerly at the sides of Gemma’s boat like a thirsty dog. Although the sun was close to meeting the shocking blue ocean waters, Gemma did not want to turn back. Suddenly, a dark, eerie shadow crept underneath the boat. Before Gemma had the chance to observe the mysterious object, her boat had capsized.

  8. Huggy, touchy – feely people angers me. It rages me in a sense that I can feel my hands numbing, my cheeks flushing, ears burning. I almost have to stop myself from leaping out of my seat and tearing at them like a bulldog of the chain. Watching them walk away with a unknowing smile, ables me to breath again, the flush fades away and the burning sensation evaporates.
    Normal once again.

  9. Before they could flee, tendrils grasped at their throats, dragging them calmly to their death. Flaring its monstrous teeth, Quetzlcoatl roared, shattering the air with his voice. Foolishly the men struggled under the creatures immense grasp.

  10. Before they could prepare, a bushfire had surrounded their house, the intense heat and smoke sucking the oxygen from the air. Terrified by this sight, Jettel started crying and ran into the house, trying to get away from the flames. Hurriedly, Jettel began packing the suitcase, she had had enough of this place.

  11. The ancient baobab tree loomed out of the gloom, its incredible height stretching far out of Owuor’s vision. During the tree’s immeasurable lifespan, the gods of the sky had dared to challenge its might and struck it with a bolt of lightning. The umeme rent a great gash in the baobab’s side, but the tree survived and continued to grow in defiance, dwarfing the acacias that grew around it.

  12. Foolishly, she ran towards the circle of ladies surrounding the screaming girl. Jettel shrieked in shock, “What are you doing to her?” The dark skinned lady with black beaded hair turned around and gave a ghastly stare, “Who do you think you are, interfering with our culture?” bellowed the African lady. Despite her best efforts, it was clear there was nothing she could do. She plodded back up to the hill and sat on the stairs. From the African trees in the east, to the sunset in the west Jettel, begun thinking about her family back in Germany.

  13. Growls of thunder, shocks of lightning and an increasing gallop of rain; a storm was approaching. Quickly, Vince sprinted to rescue the already sodden pair of shoes he left outside earlier. Before he could make it inside again, pellets of hale began to catapult into his back and face – this storm was surely unforgiving.

  14. Before Regina could take Rumbler for a walk, she was forced to make her bed.
    Calmly, she neatly made her bed holding back the urge to back-chat her mother.
    In order to make her bed, she had to take her clothes off of it.

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